Monday, July 17, 2017


Back in 1853 there was no Acadia National Park here, and the town of Bar Harbor back than was called Eden.  But even back than locals made their way to the precipice on the side of Champlain Mountain, and made their way up to a popular spot on the side of the Precipice known as The Great Cave.  In those days Champlain Mountain was named Newport Mountain.
The date was Aug. 3, 1853  when two local school girls decided to walk from twon out along the Schooner Head Road to visit an Uncle's farm.  Lucreatia K. Douglas had her entire life before her when the two girls started out that day, and did not know the fate that awaited her just down the road. 
At some point along the Schooner Head Trail the two 12 year old girls decided to turn right and headed in the direction of the Precipice.  The girl who survived that day would later say they climbed up the side of the mountain to see if they could see a relatives farm below from up on the side of the mountain. 
An old map I had come across one day while at the college of the Atlantic had an x on a location just above the Great Cave, and said "Where the girl fell to her death" which would indicate the two girls had made their way up to Great Cave and climbed to an area further above the cave.
The girl who survived had said that Lucreatia lad first climbed upon the large boulder, hoping to see the relative's farm below, and than the second girl, for which I have never found a name for, joined her on the boulder, when it suddenly gave way, tossing one girl off to the side with only minor injuries, and carrying Lucreatia down the mountain side to her death.
The family was poor and could not afford to purchase a headstone for their daughter, who lay in an unmarked grave for years between two churches along mount Desert Street in Bar Harbor Maine.  It was said that the family did go up near the spot where their daughter had died and placed a small wooden cross at the location. 
In all the deaths in Acadia National Park that have taken place on the Precipice, this one is perhaps the safest for me, simply because the victim was only 12 years old, which also makes her the youngest person to have fallen to their death off the Precipice.
Lucreatia's brother did return back to town some years later and purchased a headstone for his sister, and the headstone tells part of the story of his sister's death.  That headstone is located between two churches in a tiny graveyard almost across the street from the Jesup Library on Mount Desert Street. 


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