Monday, July 17, 2017


Published July 3, 2016

Despite their best efforts to resuscitate him, a man who was from the city of South Portland Maine died Saturday afternoon following a swim in Echo Lake in Acadia National Park, according to a Park Spokesman.  He had been at the lake with his wife and children.
Nathan Savage, age 39, had been swimming in an area of the lake known as Ikes Point and had just finished a swim across the lake when he collapsed where he had been setting on a rock at around 3pm.  It was reported that Savage's wife began CPR while another park visitor used a phone to call for help.  Shortly afterwards Park Rangers and local police officers arrived at the scene and altemated CPR until an ambulance arrived at the scene, but by then Savage had died.
Park spokesman John Kelly said Mr Savage was taken to the state medical examiners office where an autopsy would be done.
While deaths in Acadia National Park do happen,this was the first death related to swimming in the park that I have heard of.   That said, there are a number of deaths in Acadia that have occurred over the  years related to drownings.

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